onsdag 20 januari 2010


Ofta skriver man upp sitt namn på olika listor vid konferenser och sedan får man gång på gång e-mail angående olika jobb. En och annan gång får man också erbjudanden från Australien eller något annat exotiskt land...! Min kollega som jag gjorde residency med nappade precis på ett erbjudande från Abu Dhabi...
Bifogar några exempel nedan...

North Carolina: Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains
Florida: Atlantic Coast Group EM
Midwest: $185/Hour Emergency Medicine
Earn $200 an Hour Just 90 Minutes from Chicago!
Earn up to $240 an hour in Texas

SJA: Montana Rocky Mountain Emergency Medicine

Discover again what Big Sky Country means!

Service the largest hospital in the state of Montana.
38,000 volume level 2 ED.
Independent group with competitive compensation, partnership, and benefits
100% residency trained EM physicians
40 hours of physician coverage and 16 hours of NP coverage
Average of 1.5 patients per hour.
Comprehensive subspecialty backup

You would never imagine that this community was rated as the least expensive to live among 348 communities surveyed by Coldwell banker. With the Rocky Mountains in your back yard you can enjoy world class skiing and some of the top rated fly-fishing and trout fishing in the world. A quarter million people rely on this community for their medical services. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of this family oriented community and take advantage of the public schools are rated as some of the best in the nation. This truly is an outdoor paradise with immediate access to world class hunting, fishing, horseback riding, water sports, hiking, camping and skiing. The international airport can get you direct flights to major cities and your friends (who live in smog) up to you! A great place to live!

EM276: Earn up to $240 an hour in Texas

Discover the good life in the Southwest! Earn great money with no state income tax!

The Practice

* Earn up to $240 an hour
* 42,000 volume ED
* Comfortable 8 hour shifts
* 55 hours a day of physician coverage
* Work as little as 80 hours a month
* Democratic group
* One year partnership track

Share the best of Texas in a location that may defy your stereotypes. Come see what this active city offers including the symphony, opera, ballet, art museums, botanical gardens, a great zoo, excellent golf courses, and the largest historical museum in the state. A lake and national recreation area are also nearby. At 4000 feet of elevation you can experience all 4 seasons and still play outdoors all year; enjoy a 70-degree average annual temperature and nearly 300 days a year of sunshine! Practice big-city medicine in a medium sized city that is home to a great medical school. Service a medical area that extends for 150 miles and includes nearly 1,000,000 people. Patients are well-insured and still hold physicians in high esteem. The quality of life in this area is defined by low crime, comfortable traffic patterns, clean air, little competition and a modest cost of living. An international airport offers non-stop flights to Dallas, Houston, Denver and Las Vegas. This airport has the 3rd largest runway in the world and is designated as an alternate landing site for the space shuttle. Local ranches produce 25% of the nations’ and 88% of Texas’ beef.

Hi Dr. Aujalay,

I wanted to touch base and see if you might be available for a job I have in Australia. It’s in a very pretty, green part of the country and very close to the coast. They are looking for somebody to start in June/July/August for 6 months. In addition to round trip airfare (you and spouse), housing, car and medical defense, you would get an hourly stipend of AU$125.

Let me know if you’d be interested and available.


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