torsdag 24 november 2011

Svensk Kirurgisk Förening

Svensk Kirurgisk Förening stödjer utvecklingen av Akutläkare som egen specialitet enligt dokumenten nedan. Deras resonemang kan appliceras på alla specialiteter.
Det kanske är värt att poänktera att akutläkare som specialitet inte ämnar ersätta någon annan specialitet utan en samverkan bör ske med befintliga specialiteter. Se citat ur Eusems core curriculum nedan:

"Emergency Medicine has long been established as a primary medical specialty in Australasia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States but the title of the specialty can cause confusion when translated into one of the many other languages of Europe. It is thus sometimes seen to be synonymous with emergency medical care and within the province and expertise of almost all medical practitioners. However, the specialty of Emergency Medicine incorporates the resuscitation and management of all undifferentiated urgent and emergency cases until discharge or transfer to the care of another physician. Emergency Medicine is an inter-disciplinary specialty, one which is interdependent with all other clinical disciplines. It thus complements and does not seek to compete with other medical specialties."

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